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While OMNI 1 Productions offers all of the following services, our mission is to bring our client's vision to fruition. Combining Mario's years of multi-cultural, musical experiences, together with his innovative ideas, guitar and bass, drum programming, yields the perfect recipe of expertise for your project.
  1. Recordings/Demos
    • Editing/Mixing/Digital Mastering
    • Pitch Correction
    • Arrangements
    MIDI Sequencing
    • Transcriptions
A 10'x13' isolated recording room
A 12'x9' isolated control room
Rooms are sound proofed with 2 inch sound board panels inside and Auralex acoustic foam outside.
Today's Sound
Tomorrow's Technology
Yesterday's Integrity

Professional Studio Services


Omni 1 Productions reserves the right to refuse services for profane and/or vulgar language, lyrics and behaviour.
Omni 1 Productions Agreement.

The Studio | The Equipment | The Producer | Christian Artists Welcome!
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